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Many people don't recognize the importance of vent glass or even the purpose of it for that matter. While vent glass in newer aged cars is often not needed or used they should still be well kept. Accidents happen, whether it be a car collision, vandalism or a simple accident a shattered or missing vent glass is a free ride for thieves.

AutoGlass Solutions Inc provides residents across the greater Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska area with fast and dependable auto glass services that include repair and replacements. Even the smallest chip on your glass can be persuaded by heat or air pressure to spread into a large crack. Repairing or replacing a shattered vent window can stop thieves from easily sticking their hand in to unlock your door.

Another reason it is crucial to replace your vent glass would be to prevent any outside elements from getting into your car. Rain, snow or hail can all get in through your broken or shattered auto glass and cause you a lot more damage than just your vent window.

If you are in the area and in needs of a quick, reliable and professional team to service you auto glass needs, give us a call at AutoGlass Solutions Inc immediately for your free estimate and schedule your appointment today! 

Vent Glass